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Welcome to my blog. A behind the scenes look at Tasmanian Softies

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Join me in a behind the scenes look at my small Tasmanian Business. My name is Angela and i started my business part time in 2012. I have had lots of challenges and lots of wonderful experiences. Each day is different and that is what i love about having my own business.

I view the world through a creative lens and enjoy seeing the world through its wonderful creation and everything beautiful about Tasmania. Its places, people and of course its wildlife.

This is a photo of me, dressed in a Tasmanian fashion essential dressed for warmth and comfort. "The Puffer jacket" I am holding my softie creations "Tasmanian Softies"

Join my plus membership blog with a monthly subscription to get many ideas , hints and tips on how to streamline your craft business . How to save money and time. I have learnt in the hard times of business, when profit was at a minimum to be frugal through basically, my survival instincts.

I am always looking for the good quality, environmentally friendly but also the cheaper to make processes.

Enjoy my blog and please provide feedback and your money saving hints for us all to enjoy.

.** Join our plus membership blog for extra handy hints to save money and time **

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